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Images for entertainment centers

Marketing is about telling your story.  Do you have a story?  

When you understand who your customers are and why they need you, then you need to communicate that you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.  Nothing is more powerful than pictures.  The photo that you’re looking at was taken by one of our clients.  Don’t use it, it’s copywrited and we’ve placed a watermark on it.

Pictures can tell a story better than any other means, but when we look at websites and brochures, far too often we find stock photos and way too much text.  I’ve got bad news for librarians,  Iphone has removed our desire to read more than a sentence, this means you better learn how to tell a story with good pictures.  

Don’t use stock photography. OK, you can in a pinch, but make plans to have real photos taken.  Photos, not of your equipment or your games, but of real people with real smiles on their faces.  

So what are considered good photos? First of all, photos that are poorly lit are unacceptable. The quality of an image can be taken as a reflection of your center. If you are taking your own photos, you should either use flash or mid to bright room lights depending on your camera’s capabilities. Also, when not using flash, it is suggested that you use a tripod to get clear,  non-blurry images.

Make sure to take photos of people showing emotion. Get photos of a group of kids at a birthday party, preferably interacting with your staff. Group photos are great to capture. Images of a group right before or after a game of laser tag. Get images of customers playing arcade games together. Capture people in healthy competition. Do not be afraid to take a lot of photos. The more you take the more options that you have.

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