Fun Advisors

Bowling Entertainment Center

Award Winning | New Development | Modernization

Building the best out of home entertaiment experiences comes from experience.  Fun Advisors has been building award winning Bowling centric facilities since 2009, when we won our first “Center of the Year” award. Our clients come to us with a dream and a goal, and every last one are now growing and confident about the future. Where would you like to go?

New Center Development

From Idea to Grand Opening

What’s the vision? We begin with your dreams and build out the idea from the abstract to literally concrete.

Fun Advisors has developed centers from about a million to over 25 million dollars. 

What separates us?  We build the entire center; bricks and motar, team and vendors, menus and packaging, and most important: The Guest Experience. 

Our roots are in helping center owners with all aspects of Bowling Entertainment.  At the end of the day, having complete expertise creates a better center. 


Center Modernization

Save time, money and your sanity!

Let Fun Advisors help you avoid the expensive mistakes.  Many of our clients come to us after their modernization when the first plan failed.  We work with your vision and the best market research available to redevelop your center into a magnetic and bold entertainment experience. You will soon discover there is more to modernization than you might think! Fun Advisors has guided more redeveloped centers than anyone in the industry.  Focusing on the programming and revenue development, we have an established process that starts with planning and ends with coaching of your team.