Fun Advisors

Tools for Marketing

Imagine taking the hassle out of creating, organizing, scheduling, developing and producing your company’s brand, marketing materials, and promotions. We devise everything from well-thought-out brands, and promotions, with all the formats that you require, to the website that you have always dreamed of having for your business.

Print Marketing Materials

Eye-catching print materials

Fun Advisors are experts in creating all the different print marketing materials you will ever need. Let’s us give you beautifully designed, brand consistent collateral that brings you new customers. 

A few examples of formats we create

Video Production

Video is the way of the present and future

Fun Advisors understands generational marketing and there is no better way to do that than creating videos. Utilize videos on your website, social media, email marketing, and in-house displays. Make sure that you consider working with video for your next promotion,  event, or recruitment.

Play Video

Branding Summit

A Two-day In-Market Summit

A two-day in-market summit where the key questions of brand path and priorities will be discussed and decided. (to be conducted at an off-site location). We develop your Brand Personality, which can be used to help your designer, your human resource planning and marketing creative.

Revenue Plan

Develop a 12 Month Calendar

Develop a 12 month promotional and marketing calendar for your facility that outlines each marketing channel inside and outside of the facility.  We also address revenue goals that align to your annual budget projections. Develop the sales path which the target prospects can easily discover and participate with your business.

Promotion Solutions

Stop Worrying About Last Minute Promotions

Just think about how much time you would save by having all of your promotions developed, planned out, and delivered to your doorstep. We know that you don’t have time to deal with printers. Let us take the stress off of you. Get your promotions in a box for either a month, a quarter, or even a year delivered to you. How great is that?

Digital Solutions

Optimize Your Companies Digital Presence 

Development of your Website, Social Media sites, Review sites.  Our custom made web platform is designed specifically for Entertainment Centers.

Operational Development

Let Fun Advisors Setup Your Operation 

We create the Operations plan, including staff roles, human resource policies and other elements of operating your center to make your center an experience destination. 

Grand Opening / Launch

Start Your Business Off Right 

With our SmartLaunch(TM) program, we incorporate contesting, press, social media and other elements to both quicken ramp up time and grow opt in’s to your communication tools.  It’s the fastest way to grow sales.