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Peter Starkel is a Branding Specialist with Fun Advisors; a nationally recognized strategist for the various entertainment center industries.  He is an expert in revitalizing centers and using market research to attract a more lucrative customer.  He consults in all areas of brand and revenue development.

Mr. Starkel has been a managing member of Fun Advisors’ parent company, Brand Champion, since 1997. He has worked with thousands of companies to develop successful branding strategies and programs in 72 communities around the United States and Canada.

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Market Evaluation

One of the more heartbreaking conversations that I have in my job is talking to an entertainment center owner who is struggling 18 months after opening. I’ve had this conversation more than 20 times, the conversation goes like this: “ We’re just not getting the revenue we thought we would get from the center.” Where

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Does cleanliness matter?

Does cleanliness matter?  It depends, does your business rely on customers?  This particular topic has been researched to death, and the answer is yes.   I’ve been to 75 communities in 37 states as part of my career. I visit family entertainment centers and I can make an assessment fairly quickly these days.  Here is

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Becoming an experience destination

How would you describe your center?  Any good business has their “elevator speech”. A simple one or two sentence introduction about what your center offers to the marketplace.   I start my relationship with my customers using this sentence. The reason I do?  It tells me how much time the owner or reader has thought

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Mobile is a cultural changer

Is your website mobile compliant?  If it is not, chances are the number of visits to your site have been going down lately.  In our own research, we have determined over 70% of your customers are learning about your center using a tablet or a phone.  Why? Because they learn about you after work hours

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Images for entertainment centers

Marketing is about telling your story.  Do you have a story?   When you understand who your customers are and why they need you, then you need to communicate that you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.  Nothing is more powerful than pictures.  The photo that you’re looking at was taken by one of our

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Ingredients of an experience

How do we become an experience?  It’s a loaded question because there are thousands of ways to express it.  Let me give you an example you might be able to relate to.   In most communities, there are many different mega retailers.  The two most popular in the United States are Target and Wal-Mart.  When

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