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Mobile is a cultural changer

Is your website mobile compliant?  If it is not, chances are the number of visits to your site have been going down lately.  In our own research, we have determined over 70% of your customers are learning about your center using a tablet or a phone.  Why? Because they learn about you after work hours and the number of personal computers in the home is on a rapid decline.  This means they conduct all their research on a mobile device.  

Did you know most parties are reserved after 7:00 PM?  This means they’re reserved using a tablet.  

We haven’t built a desktop website in over four years.  We have built websites for mobility first and then modified it for the desktop.  We look at our sites on tablets and smartphones, we think a lot about the different ways we browse on the phone and use a tablet.  Chances are, you’ll be referencing information with a mobile phone, chances are you’ll be browsing with a tablet. Should those two displays look the same?  No.

If you are hoping to engage with families and adults, you will need a website that’s built for mobile devices.  I hope this isn’t new information to you.  What might be new, is to ensure the different tools that your website has are also mobile compliant. Online booking, VIP programs, contact forms, video resolution etc…

We have a way to evaluate your website and we’re willing to do it at no cost.  Simply send us your name, email, phone, address, and website and we can give you a quick look at how functional it is to the best prospective customers you have.

By the way, is your site built by a retail website specialist?  Chances are you’re providing information that most people could care less about.  It has been our experience that selling an entertainment destination is completely different than selling a widget or service.  This means menus and other relevant material should be focused on having a great time, not on price or other things.  Give me a call if you have any questions.

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